Mosquito Control Awareness Week-Prevention and Protection


There are 45 different species of mosquitoes in Warren County alone!  They all look and behave differently so it is important for the mosquito commission to collect them and identify them to species.  Different species prefer to lay their eggs and develop in different types of habitats.  Some species are produced in short-lived floodwater while others much prefer permanent water swamps.  A growing number of species in Warren County will only lay their eggs and develop in containers, such as buckets and tires.  The container species are often the mosquitoes that cause the most trouble – they tend to bite all day long and carry several mosquito-borne diseases.  The good news is, container species don’t fly far.  SO…dump the standing water from containers in your own yard and get your neighbors to do the same and VIOLA!  You have just reduced your risk of getting a mosquito-borne disease and made your yard MUCH more enjoyable!