2019 Tax Rates

The 2019 tax rate heas been struck at $3.044 per $100 of assessed value.  Please review your tax bill carefully.  If you have any questions regarding the bill, please contact the Tax Collector.

Tax Type            Amount
County Tax$0.609
District School Budget$1.745
Local Municipal Tax$0.634
County Open Space Tax$0.024
Total Tax Levy$3.044*

*Values for every $100.00  of assessed value

This property tax bill shows a separate line item showing the minimum required appropriation for the Hackettstown Public Library as a separate tax levy pursuant to a recently enacted State law (P.L. 2011 c,38).  The municipal tax levy was reduced by the same amount as the new library tax levy.  This change does not result in a property tax increase and is to help you better understand the costs of library services reflected in your tax bill.