Public Works

About Us

The Department of Public Works (D.P.W.) is responsible for numerous services within the Town of Hackettstown. Our department is in charge of 33 miles of roadway within the Town of Hackettstown which includes: Paving and regular maintenance, such as sweeping, line striping, patching, and sign posting.

D.P.W. is also responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of storm sewers within the Town. In addition, D.P.W. also handles all snow/ice control with the help of Hackettstown Recreation. The Public Works Superintendent, Scott Armstrong, is responsible for Stormwater Maintenance for Hackettstown. Stormwater Maintenance, which is mandated by the State of New Jersey, is the care and maintenance of all stormwater basins. For additional information regarding this program please see the State's website.

We're also responsible for cleaning/maintenance of seven town-owned buildings: Municipal Building, Town Garage, Hackettstown Public Library, Senior Center, Community Center, Miller Street Firehouse, and the Moore Street Firehouse.

We also coordinate the annual leaf collection, brush chipping dates throughout the year, and grass clipping collection, as well as Spring Clean Up and annual Christmas tree pick up/disposal.

Various Shade Tree services are also carried out by D.P.W. and sub-contractors. All complaints related to town trees should be directed to our office, such as desired trimmings or take-downs, as well as root grindings and sidewalk removal prior to the root grindings.

The Department of Public Works also employs a full time mechanic. Our mechanic is responsible for most of the day to day maintenance of all Town vehicles, as well as maintenance/repair of most of our power equipment. Our mechanic is responsible for daily D.P.W. duties as well.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Scott Armstrong Superintendent / Certified Public Works Manager
Kathy Block Administrative Secretary
JoAnne Fascenelli Recycling Coordinator
Edward Syfor Laborer / Driver
Shawn Snyder Laborer / Driver
Michael Palko, Jr. Laborer/Driver
Charles Smith Laborer / Driver
Brian Patterson Laborer / Driver
Rich Bardyszewski Laborer / Driver
Mike Ennis Laborer/Driver